USPS Return Receipt Cost : Physical & Electronic (Both)

The Return Receipt is also known as  Green Card. It is an evidence of successful delivery. One can opt for Return Receipt while placing the order. You can read more about this service in our other article on USPS Return Receipt. If you want to know about the USPS  Return Receipt Form (Domestic), then we have written another article on that. Here, let’s talk about one more important thing, and that is the Return Receipt cost.

The cost for all kinds of Return Receipts are not the same, according to the USPS. So, let’s find out the cost of USPS Return Receipt service depending upon what type of receipt you want:

USPS Return Receipt Cost:

Below is a table that includes the list of United States Postal Service Return Receipt costs for different services:

Receipt TypeCost
Return Receipt by Mail (PS Form 3811)$2.85
Return Receipt by E-mail (Electronic)$1.70
Return Receipt for Merchandise$4.30
Return Receipt for Registered Mail service or Priority Mail International$4.15

Note: The cost may vary. Customers should verify the cost with the official site of USPS.

The cost of Return Receipt by Email is $1.70, and through Mail (Hard Copy/PS Form 3811) is $2.85. The cost of Return Receipt for Merchandise is $4.30, and the cost of Return Receipt for Registered Mail service or Priority Mail International is $4.15.

There are two ways of receiving the Return Receipt:

  1. By Mail (Physical)
  2. By Email (Electronical)

If you choose the first option, which is By Mail, then the United States Postal Service will deliver an original copy of Return Receipt via First-Class Mail. If you go with the Email, then you will receive the copy of the signature of the recipient or agent through Email.

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If you want to obtain the receipt by Email, then you need to follow these instructions:

  • Firstly, complete the form and affix it with the mail item.
  • Write “Return Receipt Requested” above the delivery address.
  • Visit the official site of USPS (, and click on “Tracking” under “Track & Manage”. Now, enter the barcode number (which is available on the receipt) along with your name and email.
  • Pay the extra applicable fee.
  • Now, the electronic receipt will be sent to you.

Note: Electronic Return Receipts are not available for certain U.S. territories or possessions and APO/FPO/DPO addresses.

follow the instrcutions iconSo, the difference is clear, and now let’s move on to what includes with the Return Receipt:

  • The Return Receipt includes the date of delivery
  • It includes the signature of the recipient or his/her agent
  • If the delivered item is sent to a different location, then you will also receive the delivery address.

USPS Certified Mail Return Receipt Cost:

According to the USPS, the cost of the Certified Mail is $3.55, the price of physical Return Receipt through Mail is $2.85, and the amount of Return Receipt via Email is $1.70. So, the cost of Certified Mail with a physical Return Receipt delivered through Mail is $6.40, and the Certified Mail with Electronic Return Receipt delivered by Email will cost you $5.25.

The Return Receipt Service can only be added at the time of mailing because USPS does not allow to add this service once the order is placed. So, it is imperative to know that this service is only available at the time of mailing, not after that.

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The conclusion is that the fee of Return Receipt is given above for various services. Customers should verify the cost with the official site of USPS. Also, the Return Receipt Service is only available to you at the time of mailing.

Is the cost different for you? Let us know how much it costs for you in the comment section below.

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