Starting a Career with USPS as a Student

It is understandable how challenging it could be for a young student to choose a career to grow after college or university. And, usually, this is not the decision you could make in six years while you have done all your classes. It is usually a huge benefit to start thinking early in college. For example, it gives an opportunity to select internships and practicum in the same industry, for instance, as the perfect job you are aiming for. A great example would be USPS.

This is a great organization that gives students a chance to try working part-time whilst still in college and these students would have great benefits further after school. There are many reasons to choose your career here and here is why.

Benefits of Starting Career with USPS:

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Corporate Growth

There are basically two sides of opinion in regards to developing a career in corporate companies. Some would simply adore the way of business, being part of a huge corporate machine is inspiring and you can feel how you make a difference every day. Others would say that this is a horrible way of choosing your path, it is impossible to grow and this huge “corporate machine” will not lose anything and will not stop for a second the moment you leave.

More opinions in this regard you could get from AssignmentBro, considering how controversial the topic is. It goes without saying though that there is much obvious pre-built stuff that makes you want to join a company of such size, and USPS is a great example. As you join the business at the early stages of your career, you know exactly what you will face. You know how soon you could exact the promotion, salary increase, etc. In addition, once you are a part of the organization, you could try yourself in different departments, if you are not sure about your initial choice. It is pretty expensive for the employer to constantly fire and hire people, once they invested in onboarding and education – they are interested in keeping the resources.

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CV Magnate

USPS is a large establishment with thousands of employees and incredible revenue. Such giants have a lot of benefits for their employees to keep them attractive in the job search market. Insurance, to start with. Here is a list of them provided in USPS: health, dental and vision, retirement, flexible spending accounts, long-term care, thrift saving plans, social security & medicare, life, computer program, leave, holidays, career development & training, etc. Pretty convincing list, right?

It is a dream and a call for each student to work once in a company like this. It is always a huge benefit to have such a company as USPS as your previous employer. It might not be the same industry or company size, but all businesses know what a challenge it is to be hired and stay at a company of such a level. So, even if you could not make it in USPS, it would give you a great boost when you are looking for your future position. There is an untold rule that if you have experience working in a corporate or enterprise-level organization, you could actually make it all.

Great Selection of Locations

The United States Postal Service is working across the entire country which could give you a perfect location of your choice. There is an option to stay in the town near your college, if you would like to go back to your home or if you would like to start a whole new chapter – the choice is yours.

Of course, there is a lesser selection of the operation offices themselves, but if you would like to start as a mailman or administrator – the number of cities, towns, and villages is explicable. What could be better rather than having an opportunity to choose a place to work and live in?

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This is a pretty important issue lots of Americans are facing. Some might have to ruin life plans, relationships and friendships while going for the position and a company they dreamed about. Which is a pretty rough choice, too. This is what you could easily avoid with USPS. Only a few companies have this feature they could brag about and that’s why USPS could be an obvious career choice.


To sum it up, it could be too rough at the beginning considering how many choices students have after school. But it is important to remember that you get to select the job! We spend so much time at work, much more than spending time with our families and friends. This is why it is so important to choose it wisely. You deserve to be hired by a great company with great benefits. Dream ambitiously, you deserve it all and just some work will help you get it.

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