USPS Return Receipt Form (Domestic) : PS Form 3811

Customers have different needs and want. There are many services provided by the United States Postal Service to fulfill the requirements of customers. Some of the services can be purchased at the time of mailing, while some can be bought after mailing. This article is about a particular USPS service, which is known as Return Receipt.

The Return Receipt Form (Domestic) or the PS Form 3811 is a hard copy of the evidence of delivery. The USPS return receipt is also known as Green Card that provides peace of mind by giving proof of delivery. This PS Form 3811 is used only for Domestic mails and packages.

The US Postal Service approves the return receipt, and it also includes a tracking number, which is very useful in some cases. Though you can’t track the mailed item with the help of this tracking number provided to you, and as well as any customer can’t view this receipt. Let’s take a look at how does the USPS return receipt look like:

USPS Return Receipt Form (Domestic):

Here we are with a couple of images of PS 3811 Form.

USPS Return Receipt Front:

USPS Return Receipt Back:

usps return receipt form

Other than this, if you want to download this form or images in PDF, then you can download it from below:

Return Receipt Form PDF

Above is an overview of what is return receipt, but let’s focus on some essential things related to this receipt, such as what does it includes, how does it work, when the customer can add this, and what are the different ways of receiving the return receipt.

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So, this is an approved receipt provided by the USPS as evidence of successful delivery. This is the service that can only be added at the time of mailing, and if you want to add this service after placing the order, then you won’t be able to do so. Below are a few pieces of information that you will receive after the order is delivered:

  • The delivery date
  • The signature of the agent or the recipient
  • You will receive the delivery address if the sent item is delivered to a different place or location

All the information above is included in the return receipt that you will receive by the United States Postal Service.

The customer can receive this receipt as a hard copy by mail or as an electronic receipt through email. The customer can choose the way of receiving the receipt at the time of mailing. The difference between both of the methods is that you will receive a copy of the signature if you choose the electronic receipt by email and on the other hand, you will receive the actual signature of the recipient/agent as a hard copy, and the receipt will be mailed physically to your door or to the address provided at the time of mailing.


The conclusion is that the customer will receive a return receipt by USPS after the order is delivered only if the customer has added this service at the time of mailing or placing an order. You can find the form above which is used as the domestic return receipt (PS Form 3811).

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