What is USPS Waiver of Signature & Signature Required?

Do you know about the following two service of USPS: USPS Waiver of Signature and USPS Signature Required? If you don’t know, then read about these two services in this article.

USPS Waiver of Signature:

Waiver of Signature is a service that any sender can initiate and authorize the mail carrier to deliver a letter to the recipient without getting the addressee’s or their agent’s signature. According to this request, the mail carrier leaves the mail in the mailbox of the address or any other safe location as per the instruction. If any sender of the packages requests for the service of waiver of signature, then this means that sender of the mail is fine to receive the scan date and time information as a valid proof of delivery and does not want a signature.

A “Waiver of Signature” will be initiated by the Sender of the mail and authorizes the letter carrier to leave the mail if the area is protected and secured from the weather. This doesn’t require the addressee’s signature.

Waiver of Signature should be verified while the senders mail the package. This cannot be amended in shipment. In case, if the item is not received within five days of the delivery by the address, then it will be returned to the Sender.

  • Domestic Priority Mail Express:

The Mail carrier will sign for the domestic Priority Mail Express mail item as a record for the proof of delivery and leave the item in the mailbox or a secure location.

  • Additional facts:
    • Waiver of Signature will not be provided with additional insurance, for Priority Mail Express COD Restricted Delivery or Priority Mail Express Collect on Delivery.
    • A waiver of signature can avoid any insurance claims for the loss of the mail item.
    • In case if the item is damaged or lost, then a claim can be filed.
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USPS Signature Required:

signature requiredA “Signature Required” will be initiated by the Sender of the mail and authorizes requiring the recipient’s signature as a proof of mail delivery. It is also known as USPS Signature Confirmation.

  • Additional facts:
    • For Priority Mail Express Label 11-B or Label 11-F that were printed on or after January 2012 editions, the sender of the mail item ( mail via Priority Mail Express ) requires a signature of the addressee as a proof of delivery. Also, they should instruct US Postal Service to get a signature from the recipient after delivery of the mail item by checking the “signature required” box on Label 11-B or Label 11-F.
    • In case, if the “signature required” option is selected by the sender, an image of the addressee signature will be attached to mailers when providing delivery information.
    • In contrary, if the “signature required” box is not selected, the Priority Express item can be left in a safe location.
  • The sender of the mail must select “Signature Required” service for the below mail classes:
    • Priority Mail Express COD Restricted Delivery.
    • Priority Mail Express COD.
    • Priority Mail Express with additional insurance.
    • A signature required in case of additional insurance

Note: If the recipient’s signature is not required, any insurance claims for missing package is invalid if the package status is “Delivered” in USPS mail Tracking.

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