USPS Tracking not Updating or Tracking is Down?

USPS considers customer satisfaction as its key to success, so it launches the new and innovative services to fulfill the needs of the customers. It also offers special features to track the mail item by providing a tracking number to the users. Using the tracking number, people can find out the status and arrival time of their shipments. Sometimes, due to several reasons, the tracking status would not have been updated on the site. The USPS site shows a message “delivery status not updated” when people try to track their shipment. Read through this article to know more about the reasons for USPS Tracking not updating or not tracking status not available.

Why USPS Tracking is Not Updating:

Using the US Postal Service tracking feature, you can track the status of your shipment from processing the mail to the final delivery. Almost all USPS mail or packages are updated automatically with a USPS tracking number. The tracking feature works fine at most of the time, but at times due to some issues, the USPS tracking feature might not be working as desired. Here are the reasons for issues with tracking and why it is not available, and USPS tracking is down:

Top USPS tracking issues for not showing any updates or tracking not working:

  • package not scanningMissed the Package Scanning:

The status of your shipment will be able to track only when the shipping carrier scans the mail piece. In case, if the shipping carrier has not scanned the mail piece due to some reason, then the latest shipping information will not be updated. Hence, you will not be able to see the status of the package.

  • Weather Condition:
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Your mail package would have got stuck due to severe weather condition. Due to which the status of the package would not have reached the concerned member. Hence, the updated and correct status of your shipment will not be available on the site.

The package travels from one location to another, during which the package gets scanned at all location or the intermediary place. Once the scanning is done, USPS can update the shipping information on the online tracker. At times, the package does not get scanned into the shipping carrier’s system at any of the intermediary points. Due to this circumstance, the USPS tracking will have no updates about the shipment and the customer would not be aware of the shipping status.

  • Delay in Processing:

In a few cases, there is a holdup on the part of the shipping carrier due to which the online tracker does not get updates about the mail. There can be some challenging circumstances which lead to the delay in USPS tracking info not updating. For instance, continuous holidays make the number of unattended packages to go up. During this challenging transit, USPS sometimes skips the package scanning to speed up the processing and cope up with the delay. Scanning the package would consume more processing time. Hence, when the US Postal Service is already lagging behind to process the mail pieces quickly, they often skip the package scanning which fails status to update on the site. Hence, USPS tracking shows no updated status online.

Delay in receiving the package, not getting an appropriate status of the package, or seeing a message that USPS tracking has no update may be frustrating for a customer. But we should also understand that the most efficient logistics company can also be lagging behind due to unpredictable circumstances. Hence, you should stay calm as your mail piece will unavoidably arrive in next 2 to 3 working days. You can also visit the local post office or make a call to 1-800-ASK-USPS for further details.

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