Get Mail Delivered to Door with Door Step Delivery by USPS

Sending and receiving mail is a common part of your everyday life. As per the general process, a letter carrier will put the mail in the mailbox of your address. After which you will collect the entire package from the mailbox at your convenience. The process may seem to be simple and doesn’t require much effort if you are in a healthy condition or able to collect the mails from the mailbox.

In case if you have any health issues, you will have a hard time to collect the mail from the mailbox. Because of this medical condition, you will face problems in your daily life to retrieve the mail. Unfortunately, if you ever happen to face this situation, you can request the Postal service to do door delivery via Door Step Delivery service. A person with a disability may also qualify for Hardship Mail Delivery service. Through this service mail delivery is made accessible for disabled persons, so they don’t have to take risks to collect the mail. With this service, you can get mail delivered to your door.

Read through this article to know more about this service and to know how to opt for this service.

How to Get Mail Delivered to Door?

doorstep delivery by uspsIf you are not able to collect mail from your mailbox because of any medical condition, the letter carrier can deliver the mail to your doorstep. For avail Doorstep Delivery service, you should write a hardship mail delivery letter that is enclosed with doctor’s statement. This letter has to be written to the post office and should be addressed to the address mentioned below.

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In the hardship delivery letter, you should request the local post office to change the existing delivery point. The doctor statement is essential because the post office will verify whether you need the hardship delivery service and why you need this service. In declaration statement, your doctor should explain your medical condition and the reason for your service request. Make sure you send both the doctor’s statement and the hardship mail delivery letter to the post office which offers you delivery service. After the investigation, they can either approve the request or deny the request. They have all the authority to deny the request if the investigation isn’t satisfactory.

In addition to it, the post office will approve your service request only if they find that the mailbox is located at a distance and you cannot collect the mails from the mailbox.

Mailing Address:


United States Postal Service


State zip code

USPS has led the way beyond meeting customer demands. This service will allow you to receive the mail to your door. They strive hard to respond to customer demands and make the necessary changes quickly. Postal services work efficiently, timely and securely for customers needs. Customer satisfaction is important for USPS. Hence, they came up with this service called hardship mail delivery. This service provides doorstep delivery to help their clients.

Availing this service will make your life ease. Once the local Post Office approves your request and takes a favorable decision, the mail will be dropped at your doorstep or any location that is preferred by you.

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