How to Forward a Mail | Forwarding a Single Piece of Mail

Several local post offices across the country provide the service called Mail Forwarding. This is considered as one of the exceptional services provided by the postal service for the convenience of the customers. Before diving into the processing details of the service, a clear understanding of the basics of mail forwarding is essential. For this, we have given insights about what is mail forwarding and how it is done. Read through this article to know more about how to forward a letter sent to the wrong address?

This service mainly focuses on forwarding a Single Piece of Mail. If the customer wishes to forward a single piece of mail, then there could be a couple of reasons.

  1. First, the reason for forwarding a package can be a change in your address. You would have changed your mailing address, and hence you would like to forward your mail piece.
  2. The second reason could be a wrong mail. You would have received a wrong mail, which means that the package doesn’t belong to you. Hence, the parcel is not for you, there is no reason for retaining it with you and would wish to redirect it to the apt person. Here you will know how to forward someone’s mail?

This service differs from each other. Different post offices wish to follow their methods and process to offer this service. As per US Postal Service, you can avail this service conveniently at an affordable rate without paying too much cost. US Postal Service can forward a single piece of mail on behalf of you without charging more money from you. All you need to do is to pay for the appropriate postage, nothing more than that. This makes the USPS Single Piece Mail Forwarding affordable and accessible to everyone. The following passage will give insights into the regulation and process.

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How to Forward a Mail?

forward mailWe have discussed the two reasons for mail forwarding. For this, you no need pay more money, whereas if you wish to forward the mail that belongs to you, then you need to buy a new set of postage stamps and make the payment. This will ensure that your package is valid. Before sending the package, you can verify the delivery address written on the envelope, if necessary you can change the address, but you are not supposed to change the addressee. After verification of the above details, you need to do the following actions to mail the package to a new address:

  • Replace the old shipping address with the new shipping address: The first thing you need to do is to strike out the old shipping address that is written on the envelope. Next, you need to write as “Forward to” and write the new mailing address on the envelope. You should ensure to do this step using a dark marker. The modifications that you are doing should be legible and neat, so that letter carrier and employees can read it. Employees suggest writing the new shipping address just below the crossed old shipping address.
  • The package must be Re-mailed now: After you modified the address, the package is now ready to be shipped or Re-mailed. Hence, the next thing is to keep the parcel back into the mailbox. Before you keep the parcel in the mailbox, you should make sure that the postage stamps are valid.
  • Get in touch with the new Recipient: If you wish to verify whether the mail has reached the new recipient or not, you can talk to them. In case, if they haven’t received it yet, you can contact the local post office.
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Contact the postal service for your new shipping address.

In case if you are away and would receive the mail at your new address, then you should contact your post office and ask details about forwarding the mail on a regular basis. Postal services have a choice to automatically forward your mail to a new address if you avail the service accordingly. In the case of USPS, mailing address can be changed online.

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