Mail Delivery Today – Is the Mail Running Today?

USPS is the popular and reliable shipping company in the United States. People choose USPS over other logistics service for sending their confidential documents, because of their reliable service. This is not the only reason why people like USPS very much, it’s also because of the customer service and the useful service they offer. They have solutions for all your postal issues. Sometimes you may need to send a mail, and wonder does the mail run today or not. In that case, you have some procedures to find it out by yourself.

Read through this article to know more about the Mail details.

Is There Mail Today?

is there mail todayMail Delivery happens seven days a week, the main thing is which mail class you choose while shipping your package. If you choose Priority Mail Express service, then your package can be delivered any day of the week including weekends and holidays, and you can expect the delivery even today, but if you choose any other service, then your package won’t be delivered on Sundays and USPS holidays. Read the next paragraph to know everything in detail.

Monday to Saturday is the business days for postal service.  However, some Postal companies like USPS offer critical mail delivery on Sunday. Apart from Sundays, there are federal holidays as well. Not every time you can plan to send a mail beforehand, sometimes you might be in a situation to ship the package immediately. In that case, you might wonder” is there mail delivery today?”  The answer is, Yes, there is mail today! Because USPS Priority Mail delivery service run on all 365 days a year and available for 24/7. You cannot send the packages on 365 days through any mail service of USPS; only Priority Mail Express service runs on all days including federal holidays. If you want to receive mail on weekdays other than Sundays and holidays, then any mail service can drop off the mail. In case if it is on Sunday and other holidays, then only Priority Mail Express can drop off the package.

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As mentioned in the above passage, Priority Mail Express service delivers critical mail package. In addition to it, they also deliver Amazon packages even on Sundays. If you want to know more about the Sunday delivery, then read about the USPS Sunday Delivery in another article on our site.

Now, you know about the mail service today, but you may come up with the next question whether today is a holiday or not. To get the answer to this question you can see the USPS 2018 holiday list. Here you will get to know more information about the Weekend delivery service and Post office holidays. Below mentioned is the Post Office Holidays for the year 2018.

  • New Year’s Day – 1st January
  • Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. – 15th January
  • Washington’s Birthday – 19th February
  • Memorial Day- 28th May
  • Independence Day- 4th July
  • Labor Day- 3rd September
  • Columbus Day- 8th October
  • Veterans Day- 12th November
  • Thanksgiving Day- 22nd November
  • Christmas Day- 25th December

Now that you know is the mail running today or not, let us discuss more regarding the timings of mail delivery.

What Time Does The Mail Come Today?

USPS delivery hours are mostly standard. The delivery hours may differ since the route may get busy or when the mail volume is too much to handle. The mail delivery time of some USPS mail classes are mentioned here:

delivery time of usps todayDelivery of various mail classes:

  1. Priority Mail Express: Delivered by 10:30 am
  2. Domestic Express Mail: Delivered by 12 pm
  3. International Mail: Delivered before 3 pm

Please Note: All the mail packages will be delivered to the recipients before 5 pm.

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Delivery time of the PO Box:

Usually, the Post office delivery time will start at 8:30 am. The delivery time of various post offices are given below:

  1. PO Sterrett: From Monday to Saturday it is 10:00 am (Closed on Sunday)
  2. Westover: Monday to Saturday it is 9:00 am (Closed on Sunday)
  3. Alpine: Monday to Saturday it is 10:00 am (Closed on Sunday)
  4. PO Harpersville: Monday to Saturday it is 9:30 am (Closed on Sunday)
  5. Vincent: Monday to Saturday it is 10:00 am (Closed on Sunday)


So, we hope that you have got your answer about the mail delivery today. All we can say is that if you want your mail or package to be delivered on seven days a week, 365 days a year, then you should go for the USPS Priority Mail Express, and if you have used any other service, then your shipment will be delivered on weekdays. So, if today is neither Sunday nor holiday, then you may expect the delivery of your item today (if Priority Mail Express service is not used).

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