How to Send Mail & Packages Faster

With the enhanced logistics, we send and receive mail and packages very often. Have you ever noticed the span of time taken for the delivery of your two mail? You would have received one package in a few days, and the other package would have taken several days or weeks. This is because the sender and receiver location could have been different. The source and destination of the mail item play a vital role in the delay or delivery time of your mail delivery. If you want your mail gets delivered faster, then you should do certain things.

How to Send Mail or Packages Faster?

Below are points to be remembered while sending a package.

1. Use of strong packaging material:

send mail fasterIf you use strong envelope covers or packing material, then it won’t get damaged while shipping. Whereas, a weaker material may get damaged while transit and take more time for re-assembling. This may contribute to delay in the delivery of mail

2. Proper Return and Recipient address:

  • Accurate mailing address can make the shipping process faster even for less expensive mail classes. For this, you can get the 9-digit ZIP that indicates an accurate address by visiting the official site of USPS: It helps Postal Service to send your package faster because it provides the letter carrier with the accurate address of the receiver.
  • Use clear tape for packing, so that the address will be visible legibly.

3. Prefer Printed postage label:

  • Printed postage label can be easily done in the larger post office. They have a separate help desk to enter the required information in the computer. Make the payment using your credit or debit card for this postage label. If you don’t want to visit the post office for the printed postage label, then this can be done at home as well. All you need to do is, use your PayPal account to make the payment.
  • You can also ask the post office employee to print a postage label. Making use of this label will be a great idea because it will help the mail to reach quicker. So make use of stamps and printed postage label.
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4. Determine suitable mail class:

  • Different mail classes will deliver the package at a different duration. Before choosing the mail service, get a clear idea about all the mail classes and services and determine the best option that best suits your time limit and budget.
  • Another crucial thing to do is to decide the shipping speed of your package item. To better understand the different rates and the speed of the mail item, you should speak with the concerned person at the local post office. This way you can determine the best mail class to send your package on priority.

Additional facts

  • Ensure to use a tape to tie your mail piece well. This tape will prevent the parcel from getting damaged on all the corners
  • Consider the mail pick up time from your Post Office. Because larger cities will have different mail pick up time and neighborhood would have separate mail pick up time. For instance, larger cities may have a late pickup time and neighborhood will have pick up time at 5 pm. A drive to neighborhood worth if your mail can reach a bit soon.

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