USPS Hold Mail FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Hold Mail service is one of the incredible services offered by the postal service. It is the best service people utilize to hold their package when they are away for a vacation or other reason. Be it a business or personal, related, ultimate thing is the customers don’t want to lose any package which might get come when they are away, by availing this service, they can put their parcel on hold.

Though this service is quite common in the US, People still have several questions related to Hold Mail service. Read through this article to get insights about the frequently asked questions about Hold Mail service.

Although USPS receives several questions related to this service, few questions are quite commonly asked by several people. We have shortlisted those questions and provided reliable answers for those.

Hold Mail FAQ:

Who Can Submit the USPS Hold Mail Request?

submit usps hold mail requestThis is the very first question which most of the US Postal Service customers ask. They ask that who can raise a hold mail service request.

Many people assume that only those customers who live at the same mailing address can raise the service request for hold mail. But in reality, this is not the scenario, because a hold mail request can be raised and filed by any member living at that mailing address or any authorized member or agent can also raise the request. Well, as per the norms, an authorized agent is permitted to submit a hold mail request on behalf of you.

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Can Anyone Authorize Someone Else to Pick Up the Held Mail?

This is the second most frequently asked question by USPS customers. The answer is Yes, you can authorize someone else to pick up your held mail. While you fill the request form, you would have come across a question “Pick a delivery option for your held mail.” There, you should choose one of the two options that were mentioned. You would know that you will be able to collect all your held packages when you reach your location by visiting the post office. Also, you have another option where the letter carrier can leave your parcel items in your mailbox. So, based on preferences you can select any one option on how you wish to retrieve your package. You would have another question that can you authorize someone else to collect the hold packages if you had preferred the first option. That is if you wish to collect your held mails from the local post office by yourself.

You have to give your agent the authority to pick up all your accumulated mails by writing a letter to the post office. If you are the agent who is going to pick up the accumulated mails on someone’s behalf, then don’t forget to take your photo ID with you to the post office.

What if Someone Picks Up Held Mail Earlier than the Original Hold Mail End Date?

This is the last question which people keep asking every day. The answer is, your hold mail request will be automatically canceled, and the local post office will start sending you regular packages from the next business day if you pick up the held mail earlier than the original hold mail end date.

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