How Long are Records Kept for Tracking and Confirmation of Delivery?

USPS Tracking service is one of the most preferred logistics services in the country. This service has turned out to be a great support for the customers who were earlier always curious to find where their mail piece is moving currently. With the introduction of USPS tracking, the users are happy and excited. Using this tracking service of the US Postal Service, you can track your package. For tracking the mail piece you only need tracking number. You can find the tracking number that is available on the shipping receipt.

records of tracking and confirmation of deliveryUSPS service is the best method to find where your package is. You will also receive the COD facility and the confirmation of delivery. The Postal service saves the USPS tracking and confirmation of delivery records in its database. You can easily access this information online and at the local post office as well.

The next question that comes to your mind is who can use the USPS tracking service and for how many days does the Post Office maintain records of shipment such as tracking and confirmation of delivery.

Well, any postal service could not maintain the records for a lifetime. If they do so, they will end up in stores piles of records. USPS also does not maintain the records for the lifetime. You will be able to access the information only for a specific number of days, after which you will not have access to the information.

How long are Records kept for Tracking and Confirmation of Delivery?

As discussed above, the US Postal Service tracking and confirmation of delivery records are maintained only for a certain amount of time. The time span to maintain your records varies based on the mail classes and services. Every mail service of USPS follows a different time duration. The time duration differs for every mail class based on the mail class and the service. Every mail class and service will have a different time limit of archiving records. Whenever you need to access information regarding your shipment, you can request for it within the below mentioned time frame.

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Mail class Time
USPS Tracking® service Upto 120 days
Signature Confirmation™ service Upto 1 year
Priority Mail Express® service Upto 2 years
Certified Mail™ service Upto 2 years
Registered Mail™ service Upto 2 years
Numbered International Mail services Upto 2 years
Adult Signature Restricted Delivery Mail or Adult Signature Required Upto 3 years

The average time for keeping the records is 1 year. USPS keeps the record of tracking service and signature confirmation for 1 year. The time for Priority Mail Express, Certified Mail, Registered Mail, and Numbered International Mail services is 2 years and for Adult Signature Required service, it’s 3 years.

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