How is Mail with Multiple Addresses Handled?

How is Mail with Two Addresses Handled?

The desired receiver’s address should always be written on the line immediately on top of the city, state, and ZIP Code line. If required, the additional address should be written on top of the desired receiver’s address line.

When a package contains both a street address and a Post Office Box address on two lines, as per the priority, the US Postal Service attempts to deliver the package to the address immediately above the city, state, and ZIP Code. The ZIP Code on the package should match up to this address. In contrary, if a PO Box address and street address are written on the same line, the Postal Service will attempt to deliver the package to the PO Box address. The ZIP Code on the package should match up to the PO Box address.

How is Disputed Joint-Addressed Mail Delivered?

mail with multiple addressesUS Postal service attempts to deliver the mail as addressed. The Mail that addresses either two people or any business that consists of two or more entities may be in dispute. In case, if one party has requested a Change of Address to another address. It can also be in dispute if two or more entities have requested a COA. In that case, Mail with the dispute is solved as per the following guidelines:

  1. In case of conflicting COA, the request is filed for the same package, and they cannot compromise on who should receive the mail, then the mail will be delivered to a third party. Both the disputing parties should agree with the third party.
  2. If the disputing entities are from same family or business and they are unable to select a third party, the US Postal Service can return or retain the mail until the dispute is solved.
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For further clarification, you can visit the nearby post office or contact your local post office via phone or mail

USPS mail forwarding multiple addresses:

There are two USPS mail forwarding multiple addresses options available currently. They are

  • Regular forward mail
  • Premium Forwarding Service

If you are temporarily unavailable at the desired location, then the mails can be sent to your new address. The duration of the move can be anywhere from 15 days to 1 year. This service will be provided for the first six months after which you need to extend the service for the next six months. You will be charged $1 for this service.

Regular forward mail:

You can make a long-term move or can shift to a new address for just a few months, USPS services can send your mail or package to your new address.

Premium Forwarding Service:

Premium Forwarding Service is a one-time enrollment. You need to make the one-time payment and pay weekly fees after that. They can hold your mail, pack it, process it and ship it to your new address every week through Priority Mail service. Premium Forwarding Service Residential service is a temporary option that can be used for at least two weeks and up to a maximum of 1 year. However, the PFS Residential Online option is currently not available for PO Box addresses.

You can read about these two services in the article “How to Forward Mail for an Extended Period of Time?

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