DHL Holidays 2021 | DHL Holiday Schedule and Holiday Hours

With DHL shipping services, you get access to deliver packages with the specialists of international shipment delivery services. DHL provides an array of express package services. Additionally, you get exclusive shipping and tracking solutions to cope up with your needs. It is a well-established shipping service and delivers parcels across the world. 

But at the same time, there are certain days on which you cannot access DHL delivery services. So, it would help if you were well known to what time does DHL stop deliveringWhen you have relevant information about the DHL Holidays, you will organize your deliveries as per the DHL Holiday Schedule. This article will get on-point information about when does DHL stop delivering and the modified holiday hours. Let’s start with the list of holidays:

DHL Holidays 2021:

Here is the list of DHL holidays, the days when DHL stop delivering packages in the United States. DHL stores remain closed on the following days and do not deliver packages:

  • New Year’s Day: Friday, Jan 1, 2021
  • Memorial Day: Monday, May 31, 2021
  • Independence Day*: Sunday, Jul 4, 2021
  • Labor Day: Monday, Sep 6, 2021
  • Thanksgiving Day: Thursday, Nov 25, 2021
  • Christmas Day: Saturday, Dec 25, 2021
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[Note: As July 4 falls on Sunday, DHL will observe the holiday on July 5, i.e., Monday.]

We have represented the same DHL holiday schedule 2021 in tabular form for your ease:

Sr. No.DateWeek DayHoliday
1Jan 1FridayNew Year’s Day
2May 31MondayMemorial Day
3Jul 4SundayIndependence Day*
4Sep 6MondayLabor Day
5Nov 25ThursdayThanksgiving Day
6Dec 25
SaturdayChristmas Day

After going through the DHL holiday list, it is clear that:

  • No pickup and delivery services are available on these six holidays.
  • You can only access “DHL Same Day Delivery” because it is available throughout the year for all 365 days without interruption. 
  • Apart from these holidays, there are specific well-known days on which the working hours are altered, i.e., DHL holiday hours.

Additionally, so many people ask frequently, “Does DHL Deliver on Holidays?”. So, the answer to their question is simple – “DHL does not deliver on the mentioned holidays, but packages sent through “DHL Same Day Delivery” service are delivered 365-days a year.” So, if you have any urgent or time-sensitive packages, then use DHL Same Day Delivery.

The following image contains the list of DHL Holidays 2021 observed in the United States:

DHL Holidays 2021 in USA
DHL Holidays 2021 in USA

DHL Holiday Schedule 2021:

DHL’s holiday schedule and holiday hours can be a bit different as compared to other regular days. On some days you can access some delivery services whereas at the same time other services won’t be available for you. DHL is observing six holidays apart from Sundays in this year, and no pickup or delivery service will be available on these days.

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FAQ on DHL Holidays:

After going through the actual schedule of DHL Holiday 2021, let us go through specific frequently asked questions about the DHL holiday schedule. With these FAQs, you will get direct answers about the delivery schedule, delivery status, and working or closed status of DHL stores on some other days which are observed as holidays by other delivery companies.

Does DHL Deliver on MLK Day?

Yes, DHL delivers shipments on MLK Day. This year Martin Luther King Jr. Day will fall on the 3rd Monday of January, i.e., January 18. All DHL stores will remain open on this day. 

Does DHL Deliver on Presidents' Day?

Yes, DHL delivers shipments on Presidents’ Day. This year President’s Day is falling on the 3rd Monday of February, that is February 15. DHL stores will remain open on this day and deliver packages.

DHL Delivery on Good Friday:

DHL delivers shipment on Good Friday. You can access all DHL services. The stores remain open. Good Friday is falling on the 1st Friday in April in 2021 i.e. on April 2.

DHL Delivery on Easter Monday:

DHL delivers on Easter Monday. It is falling on the very first Monday in April, i.e., April 5. DHL doesn’t observe this day as a holiday. Thus, all DHL stores remain open.

Does DHL Deliver on Memorial Day?

Does DHL Deliver on Labor Day?

No, DHL does not deliver on Labor Day. It is a holiday for DHL. All stores remain closed. This year Labor Day is falling on the first Monday of September month, i.e., September 6.

Does DHL Deliver on Columbus Day?

Yes, DHL delivers on Columbus Day, falling on the 2nd Monday in October, i.e., October 11. DHL does not observe Columbus Day as a holiday; all DHL stores will remain open. 

Does DHL Deliver on Veterans Day?

Yes, DHL delivers shipments on Veterans Day as DHL does not observe Veterans Day as a holiday. You can expect delivery and pickup services similar to regular working days. This year Veterans Day will fall on the second Thursday in November, i.e., November 11.

Does DHL Deliver on Thanksgiving?

No, DHL does not deliver on Thanksgiving Day. If you have an urgent delivery, then go for “DHL Same Day Delivery.” This year Thanksgiving Day will fall on last Thursday in November i.e. Nov 25.

Does DHL Deliver on Christmas Eve?

Yes, DHL delivers shipments on Christmas Eve, the day before Christmas. On this day, DHL handles numerous amount of shipments, and all DHL stores remain open and operate on Dec 24.

Does DHL Deliver on Christmas Day?

No, DHL does not deliver shipments on Christmas Day. This year Christmas will fall on the last Saturday of December month. DHL observes Christmas Day as a holiday. So, no shipping or delivery services are accessible on this day.

Does DHL Deliver on New Year's Eve?

Yes, DHL delivers shipments on New Year’s Eve. All services are available similar to other regular days on Dec 31.


In conclusion, we can say that DHL stores remain closed, and no packages are delivered on New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. On the other days, you can easily access DHL shipping services as they run normally. 

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