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Australia Post is the postal service in Australia. It is a government business enterprise that collects and delivers mail throughout the country. Australia Post delivers mail on almost every day with the same delivery hours and schedule but not on National Public Holidays. There are a few days when it does not collect and deliver mail in the country, but what are those days?

Here, we’ll find out about the same days when it does not collect and deliver mails and parcels. Those days are known as Australia Post Holidays. Let’s find out:

Australia Post Holidays 2020:

australia post holidaysAus Post collects and delivers mail responsibly in the whole country, but there is a curiosity in the minds of people that what are the days on which it does not operate. So, the answer to their question is “Australia Post Holidays.” There are a few specific days that are observed as a holiday by Australia Post, and the list of those holidays is here:

  • New Year’s Day – Wednesday 1 January
  • Australia Day – Monday 27 January
  • Good Friday – Friday 10 April
  • Easter Monday – Monday 13 April
  • Anzac Day – Saturday 25 April
  • Christmas Day – Friday 25 December
  • Boxing Day – Monday 28 December

You can see the same holidays in the table format here:

Sr. No.DateWeek Day Holiday
1January 1WednesdayNew Year's Day
2January 27MondayAustralia Day
3April 10FridayGood Friday
4April 13 Monday Easter Monday
5April 25SaturdayAnzac Day
6December 25FridayChristmas Day
7December 28 Monday Boxing Day
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Some other public holidays, apart from the holidays listed above, can vary in each state or territory such as Labour Day and Queen’s Birthday. For a handy reference, see the Australian Government website of public holidays in each state and territory.

  • Retail Trading:
    • National Public Holidays: Generally, Post offices are closed, but some selected post offices may be open on some public holidays such as some large shopping centers or larger outlets in major metropolitan locations.
    • State, Regional, or Local Public Holidays: Depending on the nature of the public holiday and local arrangements, some post offices may open.
  • Delivery Operations:
    • National Public Holidays: Including Express Post items, no parcel or mail delivery will take place.
    • State, Regional or Local Public Holidays: During state, regional, or local public holidays, no local parcel or mail delivery will take place, including Express Post items.

The day of delivery for Express Post items will be the next business day after a public holiday if the item posted before closing time on the business day before a public holiday.

  • Australia Post Holidays 2020 Calendar:

You can see all the holidays marked in this calendar:

australia post holidays 2020 calander


  • Does Australia Post Deliver on Good Friday?

No, Australia Post doesn’t deliver on Good Friday because this day is considered a holiday. Post offices in Australia remain closed on this day, and in 2020, Good Friday is on April 10.

  • Does Australia Post Deliver on Easter Monday?

Similar to Good Friday, Australia Post observes Easter Monday a holiday and does not deliver mail and parcel on Easter Monday. There is no meaning of visiting the post office on this day because they are closed too. In 2020, Easter Monday will fall on April 13.

  • Does Australia Post Deliver on Anzac Day?
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No, Australia Post neither delivers and nor the post offices remain open on Anzac Day. Australia Post observes Anzac Day as a holiday, and in the year 2020, Anzac Day is on April 25.

  • Does Australia Post Deliver on Labour Day?

Yes, Australia Post delivers on Labour Day, and this day is not contemplated as a holiday by Australia Post. Australian post offices remain open and work on Labour Day. This year, Labour Day is on May 1.

  • Does Australia Post Deliver on Christmas Eve?

Yes, the mail delivery, parcel delivery, and rest other services are active on Christmas Eve. Also, the post offices of Australia Post open and work as other working days on Christmas Eve, December 24.

  • Does Australia Post Deliver on Boxing Day?

No, the mail delivery service of Australia Post remains unavailable on Boxing day, i.e., the 28th of December. The post offices also remain closed on Boxing Day due to this holiday.

  • Does Australia Post Deliver on Public Holidays?

As mentioned earlier, No mail and parcel delivery will take place on Public Holidays, including Express Post items, according to Australia Post. All the post offices will remain closed too on Public Holidays.


The conclusion is that the authorized national public holidays of Australia Post in 2020 are New Year’s Day, Australia Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Anzac Day, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day. No mail or parcel delivery will take place on these days. All post offices will also be closed on these days.

Public holidays or hours in each state and territory may vary. So, it’s better to see the list of public holidays in each state and territory.

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