What is the Safest Way to Send College Documents?

How easy is it to send a file to your friend? How soon will it be there, on the other line? Within a few seconds? That is correct. Another question, how often do you ask yourself if this file is sent securely? Once, twice, ever? We are not taught to think about it. We know that the Internet is an amazing tool that sends whatever you want wherever you want. But the Internet could also be our greatest enemy. The Internet was made for connection, not security, and this is an extremely important statement to remember. Especially if it is related to the documents.

Identity thieves are spending hundreds of hours monthly to catch the information shared like that. So, we are the only ones responsible for its security. We will discuss further how we can secure the data and what are the options for sending those sensitive files.

Safest Ways for Sending Documents:

send documents with safety
  1. Deliver Documents in Person: This is an old-school, and yet a very convenient type of delivery to choose from. Of course, this can only be the case if the place you need to send the documents to us is in the same city, area, or maybe even state so it would not make the process too complicated. Another idea is if you are sending the application to a college which is in another state, it would be a great idea to travel there. It is a great chance to visit the place where you will be studying and spend the next four years of your life. Moreover, it is understandable that those college applications could be very challenging, so there is always an option to buy a college essay that is already completed as a ground for your work, for example.
  2. Sending it via Fax: Fax has been proven as the safest method of sending sensitive documents. By using the IP address of one specific person or the institution you are willing to send the files to, it prevents the cases of sending it to the wrong place or being caught by the thief on the way there. The main point here is that the files you are sending are not exposed to the internet at the moment of transferring which makes it almost impossible to hack them.
  3. Encrypted Cloud Sharing Services: The reason why this way of transferring documents is also one of the most secure is that the providers encrypt the information you are sending on their cloud storage. In simple words, if anyone is interested in the files you are sending – they would not only have to hack the cloud itself. But also the files themselves, separately one by one including what they contain. For example, if you are looking to send the completed assignments to the institution, such as Jpost article, it is much easier to upload it to the safe cloud so it could only be reviewed on the other end. However, to be honest, thieves would not be that interested in seeing your college application since there is no value for them there.
  4. Large Offline Delivery Services: Such services as FedEx, DHL, USPS, and UPS are made sure that any of your delivery will be at the needed point at the specified time. Besides, they are responsible for the packages they accept, and it is in their best interest to deliver that package securely to the recipient. This way is definitely more secure compared to sending them via the Internet. So, it would be great to consider the odds in advance.
  5. Email: This type of delivery is the least recommended among all mentioned above. It is extremely easy to access someone’s email and sending the documents, ID and other important data is completely insecure. Yet, it is still an option. Even though the least recommended one.
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To sum up, it is important to highlight the importance of the topic. We live in great times of development and automation. The Internet could send a picture and a file to the other part of the world within seconds. And sometimes, we forget how vulnerable our data is. We share our thoughts, pictures, and files without thinking that there is a good chance they could appear in someone else’s evil hands and could be used against us.

It is important to remember that whatever is uploaded to the internet will never be gone from there. Sometimes, way in the future, sharing something sensitive back in high school could cause a lot of pain and problems for the person. So this is why it is needed to spend an extra ten minutes considering the documentation delivery option. Ask yourself: will my documents be secure? If yes, then go ahead. Now you know your options.

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