Why Students Use USPS Mails to Apply to College

Each year, the US higher institutions of learning enroll about 15 million students. Before getting enrolled, they send millions of applications to various colleges. Students have several options for mailing their applications. They may choose to send emails, use courier services, or USPS.

A recent study shows the highest number of college application letters are sent through the US postal services. USPS is the oldest mailing service in the US. It has the widest network and employs over 653,000 people. The report gives several reasons behind this choice.

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Wide network:

The US postal Service has one of the widest networks. The service boasts of more than 30,000 post office locations in the US. A customer can drop their letter for posting or parcel for shipment in any of the centers. They have more than 143,000 blue drop point boxes spread across the US. An applicant will not fail to find a postal office or drop box near them. This makes the USPS a top choice for students when sending college applications.

Online help with applying:

One of the requirements when applying for college is to write an essay. An admission essay is short but has a tedious writing process. After writing, students must decide which mailing service is the best for them. One of the most preferred services is the USPS. Technology has changed the way people receive an education. There are modern mailing options that are cheaper and better. In today’s era, a student no longer needs to struggle with writing their admission essay. Online essay help by EduBirdie is available to all students. It is simple to connect with a professional writer and get help in writing and editing papers.

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Cost-friendly services:

The US Postal Service is one of the cheapest services for delivering letters and parcels. When sending a first-class letter, they charge $0.6 and $1.20 for a larger letter. If the student wants to send their application as a parcel, the cost is affordable. They pay $4.50 for first-class service or $8.50 for a bigger parcel.

Other private courier services charge higher prices, and each company has unique prices. The letter will be sent as a parcel, and the minimum cost will be about $20. This cost depends on where the parcel is destined to. Parcels destined for other states will cost more. Many applicants consider using US Postal Services because it is affordable.

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Most students prefer sending hardcopy application forms to colleges. Although emails are easier, the student might not know the email cliches to avoid. These cliches can be the reason why their application is rejected. Due to this, applicants prefer to use the more tedious but safer way.

College application letters must reach the targeted institution before the deadline. The person sending the letter must also be sure that it will reach its destination. The US Postal Service has been in business for many years. Throughout the years, the company has proved to be reliable in its service delivery. Students choose to use the service because they are sure their letters will reach their destination no matter what’s the situation of the weather.

Delivery to mailboxes and boxes:

USPS is the only company in the US with mailboxes and PO Boxes. The application is delivered directly to the education institution‘s PO Box. The company also delivers to the recipient‘s door and places the mail in their mailbox. It has post office centers in most of the major public universities. This makes things easier for students because their applications will be delivered directly to the school.

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USPS has a strong brand reputation:

Nearly every kid in the US grew up interacting with USPS workers. From the time the students were kids, they interacted with the US Postal Service workers in different scenarios. They would see them deliver mail to their home mailbox at least twice weekly. Sometimes the kids would receive the mail from their hands and deliver it to their parents.

They have grown knowing there is a delivery company called USPS. They easily recognize the USPS delivery vans and their uniformed staff. The company has built a strong brand reputation throughout the US. It is not surprising that they choose to send college applications through the same service they have known for years.


A recent survey revealed that 42% of Americans prefer using USPS. More millennials said they trust the brand due to its reliability. The US Postal Service has served America for many years. It has, over the years, built a strong brand reputation. Many students prefer using the service to send college applications. Compared to other services, it is cheaper when sending mail or parcels. The company has the widest network, which makes it highly reputable.

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