USPS Priority Mail Delivery Time – How fast It Is

Are you running a business? Do you need to mail reminder postcards, placed orders, delivery accounts and bills very often? The US Postal Service is the best option for you to send these items because USPS offers two mail classes for these items – Priority Mail and First-Class Mail. They are very beneficial for sending the mail, as they are very economical when compared with other logistic services. However, these two mail classes have different delivery time.

Here, we will only talk about the Priority Mail delivery time. If you want to know about this service, then you can read our article on USPS Priority Mail. Find out how much time it takes to deliver the shipment, how many days will priority mail take for delivery and how fast does priority mail ship.

USPS Priority Mail Delivery Time:

delivery timeDo you know how long does USPS Priority Mail take to deliver the item? If not, then let us tell you that usually, USPS Priority Mail delivers any mail item within 1 to 3 max. days. It doesn’t take more than this. Still, the delivery of any item is based on two things, the distance of the recipient address and weather condition.

  1. Any parcel that was sent to another state in the U.S. will take less time to get delivered as compared to the mail sent to other countries. In some cases, the delivery time may exceed than the normal delivery time. This occurs when there is a federal holiday and Sundays because only on these days the mail that is in transit will be held. Due to this delay, the Priority Mail time gets interrupted.
  2. USPS is very committed towards their delivery and standards, so they strive hard to deliver the packages even in extreme weather condition. The second reason for mail getting delayed is weather condition. There are several instances where the mail delivery was getting delayed due to the weather condition. Even the best postal services can never escape from the natural disasters. Sometimes, it is very difficult or impossible to deliver the shipment in an extreme weather condition because the destination might have been damaged severely. This will also affect the scheduled Priority Shipping times.
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So, you people got your answer if you were searching, “How fast is Priority Mail.” Also, it has facilities to pick up and drop off the shipment.

Calculate Priority Mail Delivery Time:

USPS Priority Mail Delivery time map

The status of the mail or package, sent through the Priority Mail service, can be tracked using the USPS tracking facility. For the convenience of the customers, USPS has offered a feature to find out how fast your Priority shipping is that is called “Priority Mail Delivery Map.” Using this, you can know whether it will take one or two or three days for the mail piece to get delivered. For calculating, you need to visit the official site and navigate to the Priority Mail Delivery Map.

How does it work?

  1. Visit USPS site and navigate to Priority Mail Delivery Map.
  2. Enter the 3 – 5 digit Zip codes in the Search on Zip Code field and press enter.
  3. You can now see the status of your shipment and USPS Priority Mail shipping time.

Please Note: The Zip code you enter should be correct. In case if you enter a wrong zip code, then you will see false results.

Features of USPS Priority Mail:

As mentioned above, Priority Mail service is one of the fastest and reliable services offered by USPS. They deliver mail and packages to almost every address in the United States within 1 to 3 days. Some of the attractive features of this service is mentioned below.

Salient Features:

  1. Any mailpiece sent via Priority Mail will be delivered within three days. The minimum delivery time is one day and maximum delivery time is three days.
  2. Delivery is available for six days a week, from Monday to Saturday.
  3. No additional charge for Saturday delivery, Fuel, and Residential delivery.
  4. Tracking facility is available for Priority Mail items without any additional costs.
  5. Pick up and drop off facility is available.
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Additional features offered along with Priority Mail service:

If you need to send some critical mail or packages, then you can opt for Delivery Confirmation on Priority Mail. The benefit of using this service is that the customer will be able to track the status of their mail item. For tracking the mail, you may need to login to USPS site and navigate to the tracker of their package. Now, you will be able to see the current transit details that will be displayed on the screen. Once the mailpiece is delivered, you will also get a notification alert from the Postal Service, using which you will get the Priority Mail speed or USPS Priority Mail time.

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