How to Forward Mail for an Extended Period of Time?

US Postal service offers unique services like Premium Forwarding Service Residential and Regular Forward Mail. So, if you want to forward your mail for an extended period, then you should read the passage below:

Premium Forwarding Service:

It gives specific PO Box holders and residential customers and the choice of having all parcel addressed to their primary address reshipped on a conventional basis to a temporary address when they are away.

This has a nominal weekly reshipment fee, and one-time enrollment fee, almost all of your package will be processed weekly and sent by Priority Mail service to your temporary address. Some items, including Registered Mail and Priority Mail Express are reshipped immediately after obtaining the receipt at the Post Office. PFS can be used for a minimum duration of 2 weeks and a maximum term of 1 year.

Premium Forwarding Service is a one-time enrollment. You need to make the one-time payment and pay weekly fees after that. They can hold your mail, pack it, process it and ship it to your new address every week through Priority Mail service. Premium Forwarding Service Residential is a temporary option that can be used for at least two weeks and up to a maximum of 1 year. However, the PFS Residential Online option is currently not available for PO Box addresses.

This service offers you an additional feature to the temporary piece-by-piece forwarding and Hold Mail services.

How Premium Forwarding Service works?

forward mailYou have to enroll. The enrollment fee is $20.10 (if done at the post office) or $18.45 (if done online).

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• Make the payment of $20.10 for every week of service.

• Majority of the parcel is shipped every Wednesday and delivered to you through Priority Mail service. You will receive a notification in your email or USPS account with the tracking number for every weekly shipment. Your mail usually arrives in 1, 2, or 3 business days, based on the distance.

Some functionality of PFS is as follows:

• Majority of your mail is forwarded once in a week through Priority Mail.

• Some parcel is reshipped individually, but immediately after its arrival at the primary address.

• The package is sent to the receivers on a weekly basis if they are away for a minimum duration of two weeks or maximum period of one year.

• In this service, your permanent mailing address will not change and your temporary mailing address will not be provided to mailers.

Regular Forward Mail:

If you are temporarily unavailable at the desired location, then the mail can be sent to your new address. The duration of the move can be anywhere from 15 days to 1 year. This service will be provided for the first six months after which you need to extend the service for the next six months. You will be charged $1 for this service.

How Regular Forward Mail works?

• Customers who are shifting permanently can use this service to update mailing address.

• If the shift is temporary, then they can use this service for a minimum of 15 days or a maximum of 1 year. However, after the first six months, you should extend for the next six months.

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• Direct your parcel to a new address with a charge of $1.00.

• Mail will be sent piece by piece to the new mailing address.

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