USPS Holidays or Post Office Holidays 2018

United States Postal Service doesn’t need any introduction, because people residing in the United States know about its services. The popularity of its services is due to its reliable and efficient service. Majority of the people residing in the US send and receive the mail through USPS.

People don’t trust this service only for its reliable service and compatibility, but also for its affordability. Yes, people who prefer low-cost shipping can opt for its service, as it is very economical. If you take the list of services offered by other logistics companies and their prices, you will realize that the price offered by the USPS is pretty low. However, this doesn’t mean that they compromise with the quality. People who use its services would know well about the efficiency of this postal company.

The success of the US postal service depends on the postal employees as well, because they work around the clock to deliver the mail pieces. You will be able to receive the mail and packages on all 365 days of the year because letter carriers deliver mail even on Sundays and holidays. So, let’s find out the USPS Holidays and USPS hours during holidays:

USPS Holidays 2018:

post office holidaysInformation about the U.S post office holidays is important for the people who regularly sent and receive mail. This helps them to plan accordingly. Most of the logistics company doesn’t work on the Post office holidays; the USPS is no exception. USPS doesn’t deliver mails on the holidays. However, there is an exception for this, any mail sent via Priority Mail Express service will be delivered on all 365 days a year. If you want to have good shipping experience, then post office holiday hours, opening, and closing hours of the post offices are very vital before placing any order.

Especially, if you are a business person and completely rely on commercial package delivery companies, then the role of this information is very crucial. If you know the postal holidays and working hours beforehand, then planning your shipping and delivery dates can be scheduled according to these US postal service holidays. USPS won’t deliver or accept any mail package on the below mentioned dates. You can refer the list of post office holidays 2018 given below for further information:

  • New Year’s Day: Monday, January 1
  • Martin Luther King Jr. birthday: Monday, January 15
  • Washington’s Birthday: Monday, February 19
  • Memorial Day: Monday, May 28
  • Independence Day: Wednesday, July 4
  • Labor Day: Monday, September 3
  • Columbus Day: Monday, October 8
  • Veterans Day: Monday, November 12
  • Thanksgiving Day: Thursday, November 22
  • Christmas Day: Tuesday, December 25
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These are the holidays when standard services won’t be able to deliver your packages. In the list of holidays, you might have noticed that most of the holidays are falling on Monday. The designated date doesn’t fall on Monday, as per the Uniform Monday Holiday Act. If any holiday falls on Saturday, then the preceding Friday is observed as a holiday, if it falls on Sunday, then the following Monday is observed as a holiday. This is for the benefit of federal employees to increase the number of holidays.

USPS Holiday Schedule:

USPS customers want to know the schedule during holidays. If a customer knows about the schedule, then he/she can easily plan his/her order of the shipment. If you are one of the customers and want to know the USPS hours or the hours of the post offices, then you should visit the Find Locations page to find out the hours of different post offices in your area during holidays.

And if you want to see the schedule of USPS during Christmas week, then you should visit the official site of USPS because USPS will update the schedule and deadlines in the first or second week of December.


FAQ on USPS HolidaysAs we have already mentioned the USPS Holidays in the year 2018, but if you still didn’t get it, then here are the answers to your questions regarding every federal holiday.

  • Does the Mail Run on New Year’s Eve, December 31?

New Years’ Eve isn’t observed as a holiday by USPS. So, you may see the post offices open on this day.

  • Does the Mail Run on New Year’s Day, January 1?

The US is not the only country that celebrates Jan 1st as New Year. So many countries observe it as the first day of the joyful year. The first day of the year is celebrated on Jan 1st according to the Gregorian calendar and Julian calendar, and this day is observed as a holiday by USPS. If you want to send New Year gifts, then plan it earlier because USPS won’t deliver mail items that were sent via standard delivery.

  • Does the Mail Run on Martin Luther King Day, January 15?
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January 15 is the birthday of the Martin Luther King Jr. He was an American Baptist, activist, and minister. Every year, January 15th is observed as Martin Luther King day and declared as a postal holiday. So, no post offices will be open on this day.

  • Does the Mail Run on President Day, February 19?

USPS observes third Monday of every February as the President Day in the memory of George Washington. This year, it falls on February 19, so do not expect USPS to deliver the mail or packages on this day.

  • Does the Mail Run on Memorial Day, May 28?

USPS observes last Monday of every May as the Memorial Day. This year, it is falling on May 28, and USPS will remain closed on this day, and no shipment will be made via standard delivery services.

  • Does the Mail Run on Independence Day, July 4?

On this day, US was parted from the United Kingdom, and the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence. So, USPS remains closed on this day and doesn’t deliver mail and packages.

  • Does the Mail Run on Labor Day, September 3?

People usually ask does the mail run on Labor Day or is the post office open on Labor Day. So, the answer is there won’t be any mail delivery by USPS on this day because USPS observes it as a holiday. Post offices will be closed on this day.

  • Does the Mail Run on Columbus Day, October 8?

The US celebrates October 8th of every year as Columbus Day because Christopher Columbus arrived on this day. Plan your shipment earlier as this day will be a holiday. If you want to ask is the post office open on Columbus Day, then we want to say that the post offices will be closed on this day.

  • Is there Mail on Veterans Day, 12 November?

November 11 is the Veterans Day, but this year it is falling on Sunday, and as per the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, this year November 12th is observed as a holiday. Some people frequently ask is the post office open on Veterans Day, the answer is No! the post offices are not open on this day.

  • Does the Mail Run on Thanksgiving Day, November 22?
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Thanksgiving Day is considered as the federal holiday in Canada and the US. In the US, the fourth Thursday of November is considered as the Thanksgiving Day every year. In Canada, second Monday of November is considered as Thanksgiving Day. The US post offices don’t ship any package on Thanksgiving Day. Some people still ask is the day after Thanksgiving a holiday, for this question, the answer is No, USPS delivers mail on the day after Thanksgiving.

  • Does the Mail run on Christmas Day, December 25?

Christmas Day is the last holiday in the list of Mail Delivery Holidays. Jesus Christ was born on this day. This day is celebrated as Christmas which is one of the biggest festivals celebrated across the world. No mail delivery will take place on this day.

  • Does the Mail Run on Christmas Eve, December 24?

Many people are aware of the fact that USPS doesn’t deliver mail on Christmas Day, but they are not sure whether USPS delivers mail on Christmas Eve or not. There is no definite answer to this question because the delivery status may vary by the locations. It is the time of holidays and USPS handles a large volume of mail and packages. So, contact your local post office whether it delivers on this day or not.

There are two more days apart from this list about which the people are not sure. Those are Black Friday and Good Friday. So, let’s find out about the delivery status on these days:

  • Is the Post Office Open on Black Friday, November 23?

Black Friday is not an observed holiday by USPS. So, all the post offices will remain open on Black Friday. Also, mail will run on this day.

  • Is the Post Office Open on Good Friday, March 30?

Does Mail run on Good Friday? Yes, mail runs on Good Friday. Also, all the post offices remain open on this day. So, you can expect the delivery of your mail item.

So, It is the list of US Postal Service holidays in 2018.

You can also see these holidays in the calendar below. Holidays are marked with red:

US Postal Service Holidays 2018

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