DHL Saturday Delivery – Does DHL Deliver on Saturday?

DHL is an International Shipping and logistics Company that serves millions of people from all over the world. It operates in more than 200 countries including few territories and offers various services for the convenience of people. The facilities include express deliveries, freight forwarding, and warehousing. Shipping packages from one place to another within the time limit is not an easy job, but DHL does it perfectly. This is impossible without the efficient workforce, more than 2 lac people work with DHL for shipping millions of packages every day.

Most of the businesses rely on the services and delivery of DHL Express. So, the owner of those businesses and many other DHL customers want to know about the DHL delivery on the weekends whether DHL delivers on Saturday and Sundays or not. If you want to know about the Sunday delivery, then you can see the article on DHL Sunday Delivery. In this article, we are going to talk about DHL Saturday delivery only. So, let’s see:

Does DHL Deliver on Saturday?

Every day we come across several questions regarding DHL delivery service. One of the most frequently asked questions is, Does DHL deliver on Saturday? So, the answer is Yes, DHL delivers on Saturday! You can send the packages that need to be delivered on Saturday. To ship the packages, all you need to do is select the Saturday delivery option while you are about to process your shipment. DHL will collect the packages on Friday. However, this service doesn’t fall under the standard category; you need to pay some additional charges for the shipping. The price may range anywhere from $50 per package. In case, due to some reasons if the shipment is unable to be delivered on Saturday, then you can expect the package to be delivered on the next business day.  To know more about the DHL Saturday delivery or DHL delivery times Saturday, read the below passage.

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Note: Saturday mail delivery is not available for the Wadden Islands.

DHL Saturday Delivery:

DHL SaturdayNot all the countries consider Saturday and Sunday as Non-business day. In some countries, these days are regular working days. Instead, they find another day as non – business days. For Instance, if you consider some countries like UAE, Saudi, and other Gulf countries, Friday is considered as a Holidays or a non-business day. In these countries, you may opt for Friday delivery by paying an extra fee. Not all the works in shipping and delivering your package are done by DHL. It seeks the help of the local delivery services to complete the last stage of the delivery. In this case, the delivery day depends on the carrier and your mail or shipment may be delivered as the of courier and mail deliveries.

In case, if your shipment is very critical and has to be delivered on Saturday and you are unsure about opting the Saturday delivery, then you may choose the DHL Same Day delivery service. This service is launched primarily for the customers who need to ship the critical packages. Any packages sent through this service will be considered as an emergency shipment and will be delivered on the same day. The shape, size, and weight of the package don’t matter. It is one of the best shipping services for delivering packages that are very urgent, and you may expect the delivery in a few hours after shipping.

People consider it as the best service as the customers can have a customized weekend shipping delivery that comes with a guarantee. DHL Same Day service is the best method to deliver your package in the emergency situations because it provides door-to-door delivery in the least time possible. Whether it is a business agreement, medical report, or any confidential document, irrespective of the location, far or nearby, domestic or international delivery, DHL Same Day will help you in shipping your package at the earliest. This is all about the DHL delivery times on Saturday. Below mentioned are the critical features of Saturday delivery.

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Salient Features of the DHL Saturday delivery:

  • Offers service at more than 200 countries
  • Offers door-door service
  • Drop off the package within a few hours of shipment
  • Customers can access the Tracking facility through which you can track your shipment from pick up to delivery.
  • Can receive Proof of Delivery via phone, fax, e-mail, cell phone, etc.
  • Flexible web tracking and reporting facility
  • Service at your convenience for all 365 days a year.

DHL Saturday Delivery FAQ:

  • USPS Saturday Delivery FAQIs it Possible to deliver your package on Saturday?

As mentioned above, DHL works on Saturday, and your packages can also be delivered on Saturday. You can send the package that has to be delivered on Saturday.  However, this service charges an additional fee for this particular service. All you need to do is, choose the Saturday delivery option when you are about to process the shipment. Generally, shipments are collected on  Friday, so they will be able to drop off on Saturday.

  • Does DHL ship on Saturdays?

DHL collects additional fees to deliver the mail to specific countries. In the countries where Saturday is not considered as normal business day, DHL collects an additional fee for processing the shipment. This charge can range anywhere from $50. In a few cases, DHL contracts with some local delivery services to offer the last step of the delivery. In this case, delivery days and time depends on the letter carrier who carries your mail piece. Shipments can be delivered on Saturday as part of regular mail deliveries.

  • Does DHL offer optional services?
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DHL provides several Optional Services that range from non-standard deliveries to climate neutral shipping including billing options.  By this way, you will get the flexibility to select the optional service that is appropriate for your requirement. However, not all Optional Services are available in every country with every mail delivery service.

  • Who can prefer DHL Same Day delivery?

DHL Saturday pickup is available for the people those who need to send critical shipments that require same day delivery can make use of this service. This service is ideal for customized delivery of emergency packages. Immediate pickup within 60 minutes after the order placement and door-to-door delivery within few hours will be assured. So, choose DHL’s flexible Same Day services.

  • Does DHL Pickup on Saturdays?

Yes, DHL pickups the packages on Saturdays and even on Sundays. Whether it is a Saturday Delivery to the country in Europe, a pickup in Asia on a Saturday or a delivery during the public holiday, DHL Express can help you in all the situations.

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