Does DHL Express Deliver on Sundays?

DHL is an International Shipping Company that operates in more than 200 countries including few territories. The company offers various services including freight forwarding, express deliveries, and warehousing. More than 2 lac people work with DHL for processing and shipping the packages for millions of people residing all over the world. Though people are aware of the various services of DHL, some of them are unsure about DHL Sunday delivery and frequently ask does DHL ship on Sunday. To answer all the queries of customers, we had written this article on DHL Sunday Delivery. Here you will get information about their additional services and their limitation.

Does DHL Deliver on Sunday?

If you reside in the US, then the answer is No, the DHL does not deliver on Sunday! However, it offers Sunday shipping to specific countries. The DHL provides service based on the requirement. If it serves the country which does business on Sunday or other holidays, then to those countries, the DHL delivers on Sunday. If you want the package to be delivered on Friday through next day delivery, then you have to ship it on Thursday. This is what happens in the standard practice. In case if the shipment is made on Friday, then it will be delivered on Monday.

However, at times the customer might have some emergency circumstance where the package has to be delivered on Sunday. Only, in that case, the customer can make use of the fastest-point jet service offered by DHL. This is not generally available for all packages, only which have critical time limit can make use of this. If you want to utilize this shipping service, then you should be ready to incur the highest shipping charge. DHL charges a high price for this service because this is unusual premium shipment that requires a lot of additional effort and charge, so compensate those additional efforts the company charges so high for this service.

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Let’s know more about the Sunday delivery.

DHL Sunday Delivery:

As mentioned above, DHL doesn’t deliver packages on Sunday in the US, except for the packages sent through fastest-point jet service. DHL doesn’t deliver packages on the non-working days; this can either be Friday or Sunday. Not all the countries declare Sunday as a holiday, in some countries, Saturdays and Sundays are considered as normal working day. If you consider UAE and Saudi, Friday is their non-working day. So, in that case, people living in those countries can utilize the special Sunday delivery service offered by DHL.

The shipment that is highly time sensitive can be sent via this service and the fee charged for this Sunday Package delivery is pretty high when compared with the other standard delivery service. The price for this shipment range from $50. In another case, DHL delivers a package on Sunday to that country which considers Sunday as normal working day. Fastest-point jet service by DHL makes the same day delivery possible with some additional shipping charge.

In a few cases, customers can receive their package by Saturday, because DHL seeks the help of the local delivery service to drop off the package. The delivery time depends upon the letter carrier who carries your package.  To know more about the Same day delivery service continue reading the below passage

DHL Same Day Delivery (Exception):

DHL Same dayDo you need to ship critical and confidential documents or medical reports or other important things on the same day? You can easily do it with DHL. They always do their best to satisfy the customer needs, DHL Same Day delivery is specially launched to help people in that critical scenario. Only Same Day packages are the packages that DHL delivers on Sunday. This is available on all 365 days a year. Some packages may be very critical and may need to be delivered on the same day. So those packages can be sent via this service. Your package can be of any size or shape; it will be collected within 60 minutes after the order has been placed.

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Through this service, you can send your package either to other states in the US or other countries. As the package is of high importance, you can also track the shipment using Web tracking option; this feature will be enabled from the time of pick up and available till the delivery. For the convenience of the customer, the company offers a Door-to-Door service and additional services such as Proof-of-delivery confirmation sent through phone, e-mail, fax, cell phone, etc.

DHL has successfully shipped millions of packages and works to serve people. DHL Same Day is always available at your convenience to send your critical needs and packages on Sunday.

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